Sunday, November 14, 2010

Creating a Fair Elections Study Commission

Last month, Citizens for an Accountable Legislature proposed a list of ten points to restore transparency, accountability and effectiveness to the Rhode Island General Assembly. Closing the list is one that we were particularly pleased about: Establish a commission to study the feasibility of a system of publicly funded campaigns for the General Assembly. The complete list can be found at CALRI's website—check it out!

Momentum is already building—the ProJo endorsed the ten-point plan in a recent editorial:

A 10-point plan to make Rhode Island government more transparent and honest includes some good ideas, and Governor-elect Chafee and legislative leaders would do well to embrace many of them, despite their concerns about cost (since greater accountability and accessibility would surely lower the overall cost of government).

We hope that the General Assembly will consider instituting a study commission for fair elections, as well as CALRI's other proposed reforms, when it convenes in January.

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