Sunday, October 10, 2010

Canvassing Tallies

We've gotten off to a great start canvassing this semester! So far, we've gone on two canvassing trips to the farmer's market on Hope St. and Blackthorne Avenue, and we've talked to a lot of people who seem really interested in Fair Elections. The first canvassing trip, we go eighty-six signatures, and the second we got eighty-four, which is fantastic!

Everyone who came canvassing has done a great job! All the new members got into the swing of canvassing right away and are not afraid to go right up to people. We even developed a catchy new slogan: Fair Elections will make sure politicians do what's right for us, not what's right for CVS.

We're going to have one or two more canvassing trips before we stuff the letters and send them away to the legislators. It's a great time, and everyone is welcome to come!

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